Zidoni – Amari Szi Amari

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I found this while researching versions of Amari Szi Amari and really like this one. I can’t find out anything more about the band as Google brings up nothing, but this is one of the best versions I’ve heard – a lot of spunk to the playing and some great solo’s with “stoppy bits” to […]

Balanescu Quartet

The Balanescu Quartet presents the US Debut of Maria T on December 20th at PACE University

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The Balanescu Quartet is led by Romanian virtuoso violinist and composer Alexander Balanescu. With an eye toward pushing the limits of a contemporary string quartet, Balenscu has collaborated with Lounge Lizard John Lurie, Jack de Johnette, Ornette Coleman, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, David Byrne, the Pet Shop Boys, Spiritualized, Kate Bush, Pina Bausch and Kraftwerk. […]

Accordion Hero - who's not cool enough for Guitar Hero

Why does everyone hate Accordion

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When I used to live in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, I used to always get hassled about playing Piano Accordion. It’s not surprising seeing as Canberra is culturally dead compared to somewhere like Melbourne (sorry to my friends still living there). But since moving to Melbourne, every time someone asks what I play, they seem […]

Auto-tune should be illegal

Autotune is like Steroids for Musicians

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It’s a sad fact that many manufactured pop tartlets use auto-tune to hide their lack of talent (I’m actually lucky that I play an instrument that doesn’t have any changeable intonation – though some would say the Accordion is permanently out of tune). Today’s funny is about those who rely on auto-tune to earn their […]